Precision CNC Machining Services

YongShock specialized in precision CNC machining services and CNC machining parts manufacturing with milling, turning, and drilling machines.

  • Free shipping by DHL.FEDEX.UPS
  • Global delivery as fast as 10 days
  • Machined prototypes in as fast as 1 day.
  • 50+metals and plastics ,10+ surfaces finishes
  • Tolerances down to +-0.005mm
  • ISO 9001:2015, CE:SHBST100665461231
  • 80+CNC machines,50000+machined parts each month

Online CNC Machining Services

Want to shorten the production cycle and reduce the cost of machine components? CNC machining services integrate several advanced technologies to simplify the manufacturing process, speed up the high-volume production of machined parts, and achieve higher levels of precision and precision. YongShock can provide fast online CNC machining according to customer requirements. Send us your CAD file or inquiry and we’ll return a fast, free online CNC quote for the CNC components you need. Complete the machining of CNC machined parts in the shortest possible time.

Precision CNC Machining Services – Custom China CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer & Factory

As an accomplished CNC machining company and CNC shop, YongShock Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd has been specialized in OEM CNC lathing, custom CNC machining parts production and rapid CNC machining services China for over 10 years and always maintaining the highest standard in delivery speed and reliable quality of precision CNC manufacturing components. With the help of high-level technology and efficient equipment, as well as rigorous attitude, we passed the ISO9001:2015 quality certification, which supports the long-term development of YongShock CNC milling services, CNC turning services, CNC milling-turning,, 3/4 axis machining, gear machining services, CNC machining China custom parts and service, small parts machining, etc. YongShock professional CNC parts machining involves CNC metal parts manufacturing, plastic CNC machining, and some difficult materials. Our CNC machining products can be utilized in a broad range of industries.

YongShock CNC Machining Services Capabilities

CNC Machining​

YongShock specialized in CNC machining parts manufacturing and online custom CNC machining services including CNC milling services, CNC turning services, CNC drilling services, etc.

CNC Milling​

Yongshock, China’s top CNC milling supplier and manufacturer, provides customers around the world with customized CNC milling services with reasonable price, fast and high precision, and provides a variety of materials to meet the needs of different industries!

CNC Turning​

Yongshock provides high-quality precision CNC turning services for medical, electronic, automotive and other industries.

Die Casting

Add multiple finishes to your part such as anodizing or powder coating.

CNC Machining Materials

CNC services working with a large selection of metal, plastic and other types of materials.

  • Aluminum: 2024, 5083, 6061, 6063, 7050, 7075, etc.
  • Alloy: brass 360, 101 copper, 110 copper, 932 bronze, zinc, etc.
  • Titanium: grade 2, grade 5, etc.
  • Stainless steel: 303, 304, 410, 17-4, 2205 Duplex, 440C, 420, 316, 904L, etc.
  • Steel: 4140, 4130, A36, 1018, etc.
  • Plastic: POM (Delrin), ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), HDPE, Nylon, PLA, PC (Polycarbonate), PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone), PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate or Acrylic), PP (Polypropylene), PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), etc.

Other CNC machining materials: Graphite, VeroClear

CNC Machining Surface Finishes

You can choose a wide selection of metal surface finishing services after machining at YongShock CNC machining manufacturer to improve the parts appearance, surface smoothness, corrosion resistance and other performance of your CNC machined parts.

  • Painting: refers to the process of changing the surface finish. Paint, pigment or color is sprayed on the solid surface as a non-ferrous protective layer. It can be carried out on metal or non-metal NC machining parts of any shape. It is usually applied to aluminum, stainless steel and steel alloy parts. Its purpose is to improve the beautiful appearance and prevent corrosion or oxidation.
    Passivation: a common chemical surface treatment of steel and stainless steel to remove ferrous contaminants or to form an enclosure with a thin layer of protective material to enhance corrosion resistance or reduce chemical reactivity.
    Electroplating: the process of using current to reduce dissolved metal cations to form a thin and continuous metal coating on the electrode, so as to change the performance of processing metal surface or increase the thickness of small parts.
    Powder coating / powder coating: a functional and decorative finish, as a free flowing dry powder, is treated with static electricity and then cured under heating to form a hard finish that is harder than traditional paint. The main applications include household appliances, aluminum profiles, drum hardware, automobile, motorcycle and bicycle parts.
    Anodizing / anodizing: an electrolytic passivation process that forms a thin layer of alumina on the outside of aluminum CNC machined parts to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer and protect the metal, because this layer has higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance than aluminum.
  • Polishing: also known as polishing, the process of rubbing the surface of parts or using chemical action to produce a smooth and shiny surface, so that the surface can obtain significant specular reflection or reduce the diffuse reflection in some materials.
  • Black oxide: also known as blackening, gun bluing or hot blackening, it is a chemical process of forming black conversion coating on stainless steel, copper and copper based alloys, zinc, powder metal, silver solder and black materials to improve corrosion resistance and reduce light reflection.
  • Conversion coating: also known as chromate conversion, this coating is used to convert metal into protective layer through chemical or electrochemical process. It is mainly used as corrosion inhibitor, decorative finish or maintaining conductivity.
  • Sandblasting / sandblasting: the process of removing surface deposits by applying fine glass beads under high pressure without damaging the surface.

Yongshock also offers grinding, lining, industrial etching and more customized metal surface treatment services to present the best effect of your parts.

What is CNC Machining?

  • CNC (computer numerical control) machining is a subtractive machining method. It uses computerized equipment to remove excess materials from the blank, and uses CNC machine tools to complete the required tasks, so as to produce the final designed CNC machined parts. Machine tool, blade material, speed and feed rate, blade angle, cutting parameters, coolant, workpiece material and other factors will affect the quality of NC machining service.

Benefits of CNC Machining:

  • – Simplify production processes
    – greater automation and lower labor costs
    – High accuracy and specific accuracy, accuracy, tolerances and dimensions can be achieved.
    – Rapid prototyping for medium to high output

How YongShock Works

Rapid prototyping or custom parts manufacturing with 4 Steps

Upload a CAD File

First, just fill in some information and upload a 3D CAD file.

Quote & Design Analysis

You will receive the quotation soon. If necessary, we will send you design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis

Order Confirmation

Once you review the quotation and place an order, we will start the production process. We also offer finishing options.

Parts are Shipped!

Your prototype or custom parts will be inspected and sent directly to your door

What is CNC Machining Center?

  • When it comes to CNC machining service equipment, you should understand the machining center.
    CNC machining center is mainly an advanced CNC manufacturing machine tool. It is based on the automatic system controlled by computer. It can perform various high-precision machining operations to modify the shape of the workpiece or part to be machined. There are two types of machines. One of the characteristics of the material to be processed is that it is fixed, connected and fixed on the machine, and the tool moves at the same time, which is suitable for square or rectangular. The other is reverse, the part rotates, and the tool remains stationary, allowing mechanization of other types of parts. For example, ordinary CNC milling machines with automatic tool changer, worktable and shell for clamping workpieces are classified as CNC machining centers. The spindle direction is the most basic defining feature. According to the number of axles, there are three axle / four axle / five axle machines.

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What Makes Us Extraordinary

YongShock shares a continuous growth of 300%+ year-over-year annual growth in rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. These are the features that make us stand out.

Cost-effective Price and efficiency

Yongshock has its own factory in Ningbo, China. This will reduce the price by up to 30% and make the delivery cycle more reliable.

Professional Engineering support

We offer not only custom parts, but also value. We provide professional engineering support, from early material selection and customized prototype design suggestions to cost-saving technologies and technical suggestions based on end-use production experience.

Strict Quality Control

With strict quality control, the product is low cost but good quality. As a prototype manufacturing company certified by ISO 9001:2015, we provide customers with SGS, ROHS, material certification and full-scale reports. The first article inspection plan can also be provided according to your requirements.


Reasons to Choose YongShock

We will complete different processing designs based on customers’ processing needs and combine different processing techniques to give customers the best solutions such as CNC machining turning milling stamping forging extrusion casting bending welding etc.

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