CNC machines have greatly simplified the manufacturing process in modern times, and this technology has made its place clear with the idea of machining the products with different techniques. CNC precision machining is an emerging area in manufacturing, and its work affects our daily lives. There are many products made by CNC machines that we use today.

Specially trained technicians are required to operate CNC machines. Some training institutes are specifically providing training to use CNC machines. But there are also companies such as aircraft manufacturers and automobile manufacturers who train their CNC operators themselves and then provide them with jobs.

Precise machining is important because it plays an important role in establishing your company’s identity, and people prefer to demand the required product under the company’s name. All big manufacturing companies (now known as brands) have taken a long time to make a name for themselves due to precision machining but have tried to ensure that no rejected or low-quality product ever reaches the user.

What is CNC precision machining?

CNC precision machining is the process of manufacturing and cutting different materials to correct specifications by achieving given tolerance. This process usually involves removing excess from metal components (or other materials) and converting it to a higher tolerance level. Let me make it more simple, precision machining redesigns a big portion of material into smaller, accurate, and more refined parts.

Precision CNC machining manufactures products of all sizes (available in the market) that we usually use in our lives every single day. Everything from household items to aerospace technology and vehicle manufacturing requires the expertise of technicians who can make precise products using CNC machines.

Software used for precision machining:

Successful CNC precision machining requires the capability to follow tremendously precise blueprints made by Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) or Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs (specific software designed for CNC machines). These are the software used to create a 3D design of the product and then use it to finalize the program for CNC machines.

Some steps need to be taken to ensure quality and success, and therefore blueprints need to be made in great detail. Normally the major companies use CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software, and some are still making programs for the products with the help of handmade sketches. Over time, modern software such as SOLIDWORK and INVENTOR is also being used to create programs and designs for CNC machines. You must have heard of Tesla, a well-known automobile company that uses CNC machines for precision work.

Materials used in precision machining:

Precision machinists work with various materials such as glass, bronze, plastic, graphite, steel, and other metals. After considering the size and texture of the material, technicians and operators decide which tools would be best to use. That is why technicians and operators need to be trained to do the right thing at the right time. In terms of materials, if the tooling selection is not correct, you will not get good results.

Well-trained employees:

Being able to run a machine is not always enough. Modern employers always prefer qualified, trained (from a well-known institute specifically made for CNC training purposes), and educated CNC machinists & operators to join their working teams.

Many institutes have a very good reputation in CNC training and enable the operator to complete the precision work in minimum time. It is essential to be a good CNC operator; you need to be a good designer. The following are the skills that a good CNC operator must have to complete the CNC precision machining process;

  1. Advance level of knowledge to read and understand the drawings of intricate parts
  2. Knowledge about geometrical symbols
  3. Basic level of knowledge about the properties of materials and understanding of the metalworking theory
  4. Learning about the product specifications
  5. Master in designing and CNC programming related software like SolidWorks, Inventor, CAD, CAM, Master CAM, etc
  6. Excellent communication skills
  7. Ability to work as teamwork to build a positive working environment
  8. Ability to solve problems to work in a team of professionals

Capacity used in CNC precision machining:

It is very difficult to complete the part quickly while staying within accuracy and tolerance with conventional machines, and it is tiring for the worker. Therefore, CNC machines must complete the precision work as rapidly and efficiently as possible. CNC machines are much more expensive than other conventional style machines but can do a lot of good work in minimum time.

Even during the selection of CNC machines, be careful in choosing the company and try to select the company that makes the best machines. This is important because the better the machine, the more capable it will be. Many well-known CNC manufacturing companies provide the best machines with multiple functions. Under-mentioned are some of the best CNC machines providers; (source: MachineMfg)

  • MAG
  • GROB
  • HAAS
  • EMAG

Many CNC machines are available, like the CNC Milling machine, CNC Lathe/Turning machine, CNC Electric Discharge Machine, CNC WaterJet machine, CNC Router, and CNC Grinding machine are used most commonly and are excellent at manufacturing. But I think it is necessary to mention here only a few CNC machines which are unparalleled in precision work.

a. CNC Milling Machine:

CNC (computerized numerical control) Milling machine is normally used to manufacture intricately shaped parts in minimum time within provided tolerances. Digital technologies and CNC Milling machines permit multiple problems that are impossible to solve using prior methods. Without a CNC milling machine, if an aerospace standard or automotive manufacturing company is operating, its quality would deteriorate over time and confidence in its quality would be eroded.

CNC Milling machines normally come with a three-axis, X-axis (horizontal), Y-axis (horizontal), Z-axis (vertical). CNC milling machines performs cutting, drilling, facing, pocketing, and tapping processes normally. Therefore, these machines must be a part of any setup to achieve precise manufacturing work.

b. CNC Turning Machine:

CNC Lathe or Turning machines are mainly used to create internal and external features on the components in any setup that are involved precision machining. The other main processes that a CNC Turning machine can perform are drilling, threading, parting, boring, facing, turning, knurling, etc. The CNC operators familiar with the control panel of CNC Milling machines can easily operate the control panel of CNC Lathe/Turning machines because of their similarity.

The CNC Turning and CNC Lathe machines are being used to manufacture bolts, shafts, and screws in aerospace standards and vehicle parts manufacturing industries. Like CNC Milling machines, CNC Lathe machines are also most important in CNC precision machining because of their unique manufacturing techniques.

Importance of CNC precision machining:

  1. Minor millimetres can make a huge difference in global manufacturing, especially in the medical electronics industry. For this reason, precision machining is highly valued within the industry so that the best quality products can be provided to the consumers.
  2. In addition, precision machining is essential for a manufacturing company to maintain its prestige and quality. Because as soon as the quality decreases, people avoid using the products of this company.
  3. Precision machining also significantly reduces rejection rates and saves a lot. That is why the valuable material used in the manufacturing process is not wasted. To save costly material in a manufacturing setup is not an easy task.
  4. Due to this, the efficiency also increases a lot, and the product gets better and better. The manufacturing cost is also greatly reduced, that is why you can launch your product at a lower price in the market. And it doesn’t end there, but your company’s production continues within safety parameters.

Final Words:

In this post, I tried my best to explain everything about CNC precision machining in detail to understand every step involved in this. The capacity used in precision machining and the list of the best manufacturers have also been explained above so that you can choose the appropriate option.

The most commonly used CNC machines in the process, CNC Milling and CNC Turning, and CNC Lather machines, are also well-explained to increase your knowledge. Finally, the last important points and benefits of precision machining are explained decently.

The topic of precision machining is an ocean of knowledge, so if you think I have not mentioned something, give me your feedback in the comments to add it. In the future, I will try to give you more information about CNC (computerized numerical control) from time to time, and if  you want guidance on a particular topic, I am also here for you.

Links to be provided on mentioned green areas:

Link 1:

https://www.tesla.com/   (Tesla)

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https://www.machinemfg.com/top-10-cnc-machine-tool-companies/   (source: MachineMfg)

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