Aluminum Turning and Milling Parts

Aluminum Turning and Milling Parts


Order aluminum turning and milling parts to maximize your end product value

Even the slightest non-conformity in production can be detrimental to your end product and put a squeeze on your budget. But we can supply you with aluminum parts that hit just the spot. We can machine them to any tolerances, design drawings, and custom production requirements. As a forward-looking aluminum turning and milling parts manufacturer, Yongshock leverages CNC technology to get you the workpieces that are always a perfect match.

Our multi-axis capabilities allow us to produce aluminum parts by turning and milling, regardless of the shape and surface irregularities. Whether you need flat, tubular, or cylindrical pieces, we can create them with the accuracy that only computer-controlled machines can deliver. So, by choosing YongShock as your aluminum turning & milling parts supplier, you’re going for guaranteed repeatability and manufacturing excellence.

Depending on your applications, we can finish your parts using a range of techniques for aesthetic and design benefits:

  • anodizing

  • surface oxidation

  • rubber coating

  • liquid coating

  • electroplating

If you need any other finish or special-purpose treatment, please specify this in your quote request. With YongShock, you can buy aluminum turning and milling parts online capped at 10,000 pieces, so make sure to be clear on the exact quantity.

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